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Starting the New year right!

Hi it's me, Maia! I am a co-founder of Trendy Dolls. About seven years ago, my mom and I started this website. Being a teenager during this time period can be hard, so I am turning to you guys! I will try to write about some of my relatable experiences as a teenager here. 

I will first start off by sharing some of my hobbies and interests. I love to act and sing, and was just recently casted as Golde, in "Fiddler on the Roof," our school musical. My goal is to also eventually start up a YouTube channel, and share some covers with you guys. I also am into hair & makeup. I do a lot of my friends' hair for parties. I recently found a love for photography, and actually just received a new camera for the holidays. 

Tomorrow my school starts again after the winter break. I went to Norfolk, Virginia to visit my grandparents. After that we stayed in my grandparents beach house in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. On the last day, my mom and I decided to spontaneously fly in a four seated airplane just for fun. I will leave a picture of that here.

Check out my hair style account on Instagram: 


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We are sharing a very nice email received from a customer from Canada. Thanks!

I received the product, I ordered three pieces, and am happy with them. The quality is exceptional, the detail is very well done. I wish you also had white or pink options. The product is exactly as pictured. Thanks very much. This is my second order from you guys and I am very pleased with the items on both orders. I will purchase in the future again. Very satisfied customer in Canada.

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American Girl Dolls Clothes's photo.

American Girl Dolls Clothes's photo.

American Girl Dolls Clothes's photo.

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Make A Doll Hoverboard. Found This Craft Online And Had Fun Making.

We want to give a shout out to www.americangirlideas.com for showing us how to make an American Girl Doll Hoverboard. Here is our go at it.

Make A Hoverboard From American Girl Ideas

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Fun Camera For Your American Girl Doll. Vibrant Colors Chosen Randomly.

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Celebrate Your Birthday This Year With An American Girl Doll Themed Birthday Party. New York Area Only.

One and 1/2 Hour Parties Include:

  • 2 Party Hosts
  • Party Photos Emailed to Host
  • Banner for the Birthday Girl
  • Customized Party for Each Party Girl.

One Half Hour of a Craft:

  • Make Tropical Lip Gloss and Decorate Container
  • Make A Pearl Bracelet and Star Necklace
  • Color a Doll T-Shirt ( additional $4)
  • Decorate A Small Box To Hold Accessories
  • Make A Doll Iphone and Ipad

One Half Hour of Games:

  • Birthday Girl Trivia
  • Doll Word Search
  • Doll Bingo
  • Freeze Dance

One Half Hour of Dress Up Doll Fashion Show:

We bring a suitcase of 18" doll clothing and accessories supplied by Trendy Dolls. The guests dress up their 18" doll and show off their styled doll. (Each guest must bring a doll).

Basic Package Price: $400 for 12 guests, each additional guest $15. $100 non-refundable deposit. $50 extra for NYC.

Optional Add Ons: Party Favors

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