About Us

About Us

Our goal is to bring you affordable, high quality, trendy doll clothing and accessories for your American Girl®, Our Generation, Journey Girls, Springfield Dolls and Corolle® dolls. All of our styles will fit 18 inch sized dolls.

Our Story – A Girl, Her Dolls & A Big Business Plan 



A note from Liza:

Dolls have played an important role in my relationship with my daughter, Maia. They have proven to be profound teaching tools, allowing me to instill certain values and teach important life lessons while we are “playing” and just having fun. As a single mom, the dolls have proven to be fabulous allies when it comes to communicating with my little girl. You can address some pretty complex life themes in a fun, engaging way! 


One day in 2014, Maia and I were playing dolls and started talking about the importance of being educated, independent, and having a career. While we “played,” and explored the idea of self-sufficiency, I proposed we come up with an idea and turn it into a business. That’s when we decided the business would involve dolls... it just made sense! 

Maia picked the name, helped with the website design, and is one of my chief stylists! Maia has a passion for fashion, and loves to dress her dolls in similar styles as the ones she chooses for herself. She’s a natural business woman too! She recently helped me find a new vendor and is also coming up with display ideas for a fundraiser in support of breast cancer research. I couldn’t be more proud of my daughter, or the wonderful company that – with the help of a few fabulous dolls – has come to be. This website was developed as a labor of love between me and my daughter. In 2022 we are still going strong. 

If there are items you would like us to find for you, send us a note. We will always search for new fun and trendy items to share with you.

We will share some of our favorite activities along the way via video and blogs. And we welcome your feedback and comments. Have fun shopping our site. 



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Liza Confino, Owner

Maia Mehring CEO Trendy Dolls